Donor Websites

The RFCG has its own Website, similar to our blog, where online users can learn more about our organisation, our donors and the finch species we aim to protect. We also provide you with all banking details for those wishing to donate funds to the RFCG. Our livelihood and conservation efforts are heavily dependent on donations, and we are eternally grateful to those who have helped us financially along the way.

Visit the RFCG Web site (Click here)

You can also visit the sites of our donors by clicking on the links below (*donors without websites are not listed here. Please visit our website for the full list of RFCG donors):

ABK Publications – Australia

Africa Birds and Birding Magazine – South Africa

Avizandum – South Africa

Birds of a Feather – South Africa

Estrildid Society – Germany

Gerhard Hofman Photography – Germany

Gorilla Organisation

Institute of Tropical Forest Conservation – Uganda

Just Finches – New Zealand

PAPOUSCI Czech Parrot Magazine – Czech Republic

Queensland Finch Society – Australia

Spirit Interactive – South Africa

Uganda Wildlife Authority – Uganda

Uganda Wildlife Society – Uganda

Wildlife Conservation Society – USA

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