Social Media

The RFCG’s social media channels are aimed at new media finch enthusiasts from around the world, who wish to interact, communicate and become more involved in our conversation projects. These are the places where we learn more about YOU and YOUR KNOWLEDGE of finches. Additionally, we give you real-time access to industry professionals, who aim to help you wherever they can.

To become involved in RFCG’s social media:

1) Join our RFCG Facebook Group (Click here): To date, 206 Facebookers are involved in this intimate space. From ornithologists to aspiring researchers to the average finch keeper. Our RFCG Facebook Group is constantly updated with photographs, questions and links to external information.

2) Follow the RFCG on Twitter (Click here): Twitter is our less interactive space. Instead, our Twitter followers use our news feeds to learn more about the day-to-day happenings at RFCG through our regular updates. In turn, we use the platform to communicate with the conservation greats of our time: Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Africa Geographic.

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