The main aims and objectives of the RFCG are to:

  1. Conserve the world’s finches in their natural wild habitat.
  2. Encourage sound and improved methods of aviculture of the world’s finch species.
  3. Provide expertise into research projects that focus on understanding more about finches in the wild.
  4. Provide expertise into the care and breeding of finches in captivity with the aim of:
    i) Increasing scientific knowledge of finches
    ii) Creating an insurance policy of healthy captive-bred populations of genetically pure finches that could one day be used to repopulate wild areas when habitat loss is brought under control.
    iii) Creating a sustainable supply of captive-bred finches for the caged bird industry and in so doing reduce the need for the trapping of wild birds.
  5. Educate the public and interested parties about wild and captive finches.

In the pursuit of these aims and objectives the RFCG will work closely with relevant local and international entities and persons, including:

  • Government authorities
  • Educational institutions
  • Conservation organisations
  • Avicultural organisations

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