At this stage, membership of the RFCG is by invitation only. The reason for this decision is that the group is currently working on an array of identified projects and it first wishes to establish successful case studies in order for it to gain credibility with conservation, education, scientific and government bodies.

Membership is considered to be a privilege and any member or honorary member who misrepresents the RFCG or brings the RFCG into disrepute may lose his/her privileges of membership. Local or international conviction on any offence relating to wildlife will result in membership termination.

The founding members are:

Fred Barnicoat – Neville Brickell – Simon Espley – Russell Kingston ( Australia )
Prof. Ernst Kruger – Eelco Meyjes – Mike Pidduck – Mark Stewart – William van Rijn

The founding members of the RFCG L to R Prof. Ernst Kruger,William van Rijn,Fred Barnicoat, Mark Stewart, Mike Pidduck, Simon Espley,Eelco Meyjes, Russell Kingston ( Australia). Missing Neville Brickell


Invited Full Members:


Germany : Prof. Dr.Sven Cichon South Africa : Monique McQuillan

Professor Sven Cichon

Professor Dr. Sven Cichon. Germany

Monique Mcquillan . South Africa

Monique Mcquillan . South Africa



Invited honorary members:

Australia : Dr.Gary Fitt, David Holmes, Indra Kingston, Cheryl Mares, Col Roberts, Lindsay Nutley, Rino Marsala, Peter Phippen, Sheryll Steele-Boyce Germany : Joerg Landenberger New Zealand : Paul Dick, Cese Hulsebosch United Kingdom : Peter McGough, Howard Robinson South Africa : Dr. JG du Toit

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