Wetlands are South Africa’s most threatened habitats. An exciting sponsorship opportunity for corporates

3 Oct

The concept of Rod puppets are used to help promote the importance of Wetlands amongst young children in South Africa. Alastair Findlay, who made all the puppets, holds Waxi the Hero and Raymond Ramolokeng, who founded the first bird guiding business in Soweto named Bay of Grace Tours, holds Fluffy the White-winged Flufftail which is the rarest bird in South Africa . Photo Prelena Soma Owen

The highly acclaimed Waxi the Hero puppet show was launched at this years Flufftail Festival held at the Moponya Mall in Soweto. Johannesburg

Your brand could be part of something BIG.

Waxi the Hero (small is BIG) Puppet Show is looking for sponsors to tour South Africa.

“The puppet show is brilliant. Every child in the country should see it ” Yvonne Pennington

With less than 250 White Winged Flufftails left in the world – this educational puppet show is set to entertain young children across South Africa.  Beautifully hand crafted rod puppets designed by top South African cartoonist Alastair Findlay tell the story of Waxi the waxbill searching for the elusive FLUFFY with help of his bird friends. Set amongst South Africa’s Wetland habitats, the show highlights how threatened habitats are placing enormous pressure on our endangered species. Most importantly, it engages children in ways to participate and understand how they can participate.

Proudly presented by BirdLife South Africa and the Rare Finch Conservation GroupWaxi the Hero (small is BIG) Puppet Show needs corporate sponsorship to ensure every child in our country is given an opportunity to see this highly acclaimed, fun filled and educational puppet show production.

Both BirdLife South Africa and the Rare Finch Conservation Group are registered non-profit organisations.

For more information please contact Eelco Meyjes from the Rare Finch Conservation Group at editor@avitalk.co.za or Dr.Hanneline Smit-Robinson from BirdLife South Africa at conservation@birdlife.org.za

The Rare Finch Conservation Group is registered in South Africa as a non-profit organisation and is totally dependent on donors and sponsors to carry out its conservation work on finches. All donations will be publicly acknowledged , unless otherwise requested, on the RFCG website. Donations can be made to the following account. Rare Finch Conservation Group, Nedbank. Account number 1933 198885 Branch : Sandown 193 305 South Africa ( For international donors please add ) SWIFT NEDSZAJJ.

 For more info visit http://www.rarefinch.org or write to the secretary at editor@avitalk.co.za




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