23 Apr


Young kids enjoying the great outdoors. Photo Eelco Meyjes

Young kids enjoying a healthy outdoor life style. Photo Eelco Meyjes

In an age of computers, smartphones, apps and social media it is often difficult to get young children to discover the great outdoors

SEE the wonders of nature

At some or other stage we all learnt to ride a bike. To encourage young children to enjoy the healthy outdoors, on a little mountain bike, is the perfect way to introduce them to the world of nature. As we all know it’s important for them to SEE and learn about the birds and the bees. And to  stimulate their inquisitive little minds.

Long-tailed widowfinch in full flight. Photo Russell Kingston

The Long-tailed widowfinch. Every breeding season it grows a lovely long new tail. Photo Russell Kingston

CONSERVE what we have

Conservation work is not a short term thing. It’s a lifelong journey. That is why the Rare Finch Conservation Group today proudly links its brand name to long distance cycling events. Success in conservation does not come easy. It requires perseverance, dedication and a huge amount of commitment. 

ENJOY and share what we have learnt

Over the next couple of days the Rare Finch Conservation Group brandname will be

The RFCG cycle top that will be seen at the 9 day 900km joBerg2c cycle race.

The RFCG cycle top that will be seen at the 9 day 900km joBerg2c cycle race.

seen at the long distance joBerg2c mountain bike race. All of the cycling is done on dirt roads and single tracks. 800 competitors will be participating. The race starts on dusty roads just outside Johannesburg on Friday 25 April and ends 9 days 900km later, with the crisp sea air, on the beach at Scottburgh in Kwa-Zulu Natal. It doesn’t really matter if you come first or last. Everyone is a winner. Getting close to nature to ENJOY the healthy outdoors is what it’s all about . Meeting new people who all appreciate and enjoy the natural beauty of our fauna and flora, provides a perfect opportunity for us to help raise the public awareness of the Rare Finch Conservation Group. For more info on the event visit

( NB. All costs to participate and promote the RFCG at the above event has been privately funded )

The Rare Finch Conservation Group is registered in South Africa as a non-profit organisation. Founded in 2005, it is totally dependant on donors and sponsors to carry out its conservation work on finches in the wild. For more info visit or write to the secretary at



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