Great new finch book for this Christmas

4 Dec


Australia’s renowned ornithologist and author Joseph Forshaw has teamed up with conservationist and aviculturist Mark Shephard to produce a stunning new book titled ” Grassfinches in Australia “. All the illustrations have been beautifully done by one of Australia’s leading Natural History artists Tony Pridham.The 318 page coffee table size book is published by CSIRO Publishing and is rapidly destined to become one of the definitive reference books on all the Australian Grassfinches.
Very importantly it is great to see, how more and more ornithologists are publicly recognising the valuable  role that modern-day aviculture has to play in the long-term future of bird conservation work. Important data such as nesting and incubation information can often be obtained from aviculturists if and when data  is not available from birds in the wild
The book can be highly recommended as a wonderful  gift for this Christmas. It can be purchased from Andrew Isles Natural History Bookshop ( ), CSIRO Publishing ( ) or Australian Birdkeeper ( ). The cost is $ 185 AUD and for those finch enthusiasts living in Africa, Europe or the America’s prepare yourself for a rather expensive, but well worth it shipping cost.
                                   SEE – CONSERVE – ENJOY

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