A visit to Africa’s leading birdpark in Joburg is a must do experience

6 Dec

Whilst Monte Casino Bird Gardens in Johannesburg may not compete with Jurong Birdpark in Singapore or Walsrode Birdpark in Germany in terms of size , it certainly can compete in terms of the quality of its exhibits and  facilities with the very best birdparks in the world. Guests on the Rare Finch Conservation Group EcoTour to South Africa and Uganda next year August will have the opportunity to visit this impressive facility, which is sometimes referred to as Johannesburg’s best kept secret.

Curators checking their birds in one of the impressive walk in aviaries Photo Eelco Meyjes

Critics sometimes like to knock the concept of birdparks and zoos, but these facilities often serve as a childs very first introduction to nature . The educational role that these facilities play in our modern-day society can never be overestimated. Curators, who are in essence highly skilled aviculturists, have to constantly check that their exhibits are always healthy and their parks are in immaculate condition. The huge dedication and commitment that it takes for curators to ensure that a birdpark becomes a world-class conservation centre is often underestimated by the general public. Feeding  young hand reared chicks on the hour from 6 am to 12 at night, or assisting a very rare and conservation threatened chick with its hatching is not what the general public sees and always appreciates.

Young school children enjoying and learning about birds at one of the many bird shows held at the park Photo Eelco Meyjes

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