The ultimate adventure for the conservation minded aviculturist

24 Nov

Following on our recent announcement on the planned 2012 RFCG EcoTour to South Africa and Uganda we have been inundated with requests for more info about the trip. The trip has been tailor-made for aviculturists and guests will have the opportunity to visit a number of SA’s top bird breeders in the Joburg, Pretoria and Brits areas. Guests will naturally also see some of Africa’s most spectacular birds in the game parks both in Uganda as well as in South Africa .

Traditional medicines are often made up using a variety of plants. Photo Eelco Meyjes 

In addition to the above the group , if they wish, will also have the option to visit a traditional medicine muti market in downtown Johannesburg . First world citizens often don’t realise how dependant some people still are on traditional medicines and witchcraft. Many of the medicines have been made up by using herbs, plants as well as animal and bird parts. Sadly today the Cape Vulture is seriously threatened because many of them are being killed for clairvoyancey reasons. Amongst certain local communities it is believed that if the eyes of the bird are consumed it will increase their chances of winning the national lottery

Sadly in Africa animal and bird parts are also often used to make up traditional medicines. Photo Eelco Meyjes 

For more information on the exciting RFCG EcoTour in August 2012 please contact Russell Kingston at All profits from the tour will be donated to the Rare Finch Conservation Group

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