Stunning “new” Shelley’s skin photographed in the UK

23 Sep
Above are some stunning “new” skin visuals of a Shelley’s crimsonwing cockbird that Peter McGough , an honorary RFCG member, sent to us from the UK. The photographs were taken by Hein van Grouw, Curator, Bird Group, Dept.of Zoology, The Natural History Museum, Akeman Street, Tring, Herts.UK
Whilst we all know that photography can play tricks when it comes to colour etc. these are the very first pics that live up to the colour description that Benson Bamutura , our RFCG field worker in Uganda who has actually seen the bird, shared with us on camera on the YouTube video clip where he describes the beautiful rich colours of the species ( YouTube Benson Interview on Shelley crimsonwing )

A pair of Shelley's crimsonwings held at the Bonn Museum, Germany. Photograph taken by Professor Sven Cichon, honorary RFCG member

The above bird was netted in Rwanda in 1982, so the skin is close to 30 years old . The previous ” new ” skins held in the Bonn Museum, Germany and recently photographed by Professor Sven Cichon are 15 years older and are slightly duller / darker . This  is a process that may happen as the skins become older. ( read Svens interesting blog post dated 28 July ) The RFCG, after six years of searching, still only has  two known photographs of a live Shelley’s crimsonwing cockbird, and we know of no photographs of a live Shelley’s crimsonwing henbird

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