The RFCG Blog this month is one year old and we continue to learn more and more about one of Africa’s rarest finches

15 Sep
With more than 50 posts put up on the RFCG Blog in the past year and no less than 5042 views  ( an average of 420 a month ) plus 543 views of the YouTube Searching for Shelley’s finches amongst Africa’s Mountain Gorillas video clip the RFCG is convinced, and extremely proud, that it is helping to raise the international awareness of  the plight of the Shelley’s crimsonwing finch. Much has been said over the past twelve months on our Blog in terms of what we are doing to learn more and ultimately try to find one of Africa’s rarest finches .
The RFCG has no full-time staff members and every member of the group volunteers their skills and services free of charge in the interests of advancing finch conservation work
If you would like to make a donation to the Rare Finch Conservation Group then simply click onto the PayPal button below. All donors will be publicly acknowledged on the RFCG website

The Rare Finch Conservation Group is registered in South Africa as a non-profit organisation . It is totally dependent on donations and sponsorships for its future survival . The RFCG is currently raising funds to finance its planned Phase 3 field research work in Uganda.  For more information on this pioneering conservation group please contact

2 Responses to “The RFCG Blog this month is one year old and we continue to learn more and more about one of Africa’s rarest finches”

  1. Brenton September 16, 2011 at 06:21 #

    Thanks for the blog and all of the fascinating information concerning Shelley’s Crimsomwing Finch.

    • eelcomeyjes September 16, 2011 at 07:17 #

      Thanks for your support Brendon . Every day we get a little closer to realising our goal . We have a great team of people which makes the hard work all worthwhile

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