RFCG plans to do telemetry development tests on captive finches in Australia

11 May

Honorary RFCG member Monique Mcquillan

The Rare Finch Conservation Group is currently planning to do telemetry tests on small finches in captivity in preparation for the day that it can use the equipment on finches in the wild. To date it appears that no practical field expertise currently exists in South Africa ( Dr Christine Smit from BirdLife  South Africa knows of no fieldwork using telemtry equipment on finches ) and the RFCG is now investigating if any such expertise may exist in Australia

Honorary RFCG member Monique Mcquillan , who lives in Cape Town , is working hard to find potential equipment suppliers and costs for research tests to be done in the new purpose built walk in aviary at Russell Kingston’s facility in Queensland, Australia . All learnings will be gladly shared with other finch conservation organisations and the threatened Blackthroat Grassfinch ( Poephila cincta ) in Australia could be a prime beneficiary.

If any of our followers, be they individuals, clubs, company’s or corporates would like to become telemetry equipment sponsors please let us know and we will gladly give public recognition for your valued support. Initial indications suggest that the equipment is very expensive and that doing trial tests, in a captive enclosure, will be the perfect way to help minimise development costs and fast track our learnings. More information on this exciting new development will be shared on future RFCG blog postings.

For more information on the RFCG please contact editor@avitalk.co.za . The RFCG is registered as a non-profit organisation and is totally dependant on donors and sponsors for its current and future success. 

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