15 New Honorary Members invited and recognised by the RFCG

9 May

RFCG Directors and founder members signing the letters of invitation to the 15 new RFCG honorary members. Photo taken by Monique McQuillan . L to R William van Rijn, Mark Stewart, Eelco Meyjes, Fred Barnicoat, Russell Kingston and Mike Pidduck

The Rare Finch Conservation Group is extremely proud to announce that it has invited 15 avid supporters of the group to become Honorary Members to the RFCG .

The 15 new Honorary Members are individuals who have proactively and unselfishly contributed to the vision and purpose of the RFCG. They are finch enthusiasts, from different parts of the world, who have already donated their valuable time, skills and/or funds to help make our work become a reality .

The names of our new Honorary Members are listed in no particular order of priority, and we would publicly like to thank them for their ongoing and dedicated support to this small and pioneering conservation group

New Zealand: Paul Dick, Case Hulsebosch

Australia : Dr. Gary Fitt, David Holmes, Indra Kingston, Cheryl Mares, Rino Marsala, Peter Phippen and Sheryll Steele-Boyce

UK: Peter McGough and Howard Robinson

Germany: Prof. Dr. Sven Cichon and Joerg Landenberger

South Africa : Dr. J.G du Toit and Monique McQuillan

The RFCG is registered in South Africa as a non profit organisation and is totally dependant on the kind of support that it receives from individuals, such as the above, for its future survival and success.

The RFCG as previously announced has some exciting initiatives planned for the next couple of months and these will be shared with everyone over the next few blog postings .

For more information on the RFCG please contact editor@avitalk.co.za

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