Life ain’t easy in the land of the elusive Shelley’s crimsonwing finch

27 Apr

For many this is the only form of transport in Uganda . Photo Russell Kingston

For others taking a bicycle taxi is a far better option. Photo Russell Kingston
and the local taylor is always ready to do another delivery . Photo Russell Kingston
…and fresh meat from the local butcher shop is there when you need it. Photo Russell Kingston
Doing another hardware store delivery aint always that easy . Photo Russell Kingston
Transporting 4 bunches of bananas to the local market can be a bit of a bike bender . Photo Russell Kingston

As many of our supporters already know, Russell Kingston recently returned from Uganda on a fact finding mission to establish exactly what life is all about in the country that Winston Churchill once labelled as the Pearl of Africa . Uganda is geographically, as well as from a birders perspective ,without doubt one of the most rewarding countries in Africa. More bird species can be seen in Uganda than in any other country in Africa

However the above pics, taken by Russell Kingston on his recent trip to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, share with us a little bit more about how tough life really is for many of the local citizens in Uganda when it comes to transport and general shopping matters

For more information on the pioneering conservation work that the Rare Finch Conservation Group is doing please contact The RFCG is registered as a non profit organisation and is totally dependant on donations and sponsorships for its future survival,

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