RFCG plan to organise finch ecotours to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in South West Uganda

28 Mar

A lodge in Buhoma, Uganda that will be used for the planned Rare Finch Conservation Group ecotours

The RFCG will be launching an ecotour programme to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest  in 2012 . With 43 finch species to be seen in the tropical rainforest Bwindi must be the world’s absolute best destination for finch enthusiasts .

RFCG Directors Russell Kingston OAM and Eelco Meyjes

RFCG Directors Russell Kingston OAM from Australia and Eelco Meyjes from South Africa will be working with Africa’s leading adventure tour operator Wildfrontiers ( pty ) ltd ,who have been doing adventure tours into Africa since 1991, to ensure that finch enthusiasts from all over the world can enjoy a trip of a lifetime when they visit this magnificent part in Africa . Gorilla trekking will be an optional extra and subject to permit availability. Permits are currently sold by the Ugandan Wildlife Authorities at US $ 500 a permit . There is talk that this price may increase within the next 12 months

The plan is that finch enthusiasts will first arrive in Johannesburg  for a short stop over before proceeding onto Uganda for a twelve day specialist finch safari to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest . At this stage it is still too early to determine prices etc. These tours will be organised as part of the international awareness programme for the RFCG and its current conservation work. All profits will go to the RFCG . For more infomation on the world’s most exciting finch conservation project contact Russell Kingston at  indruss@bigpond.com or Eelco Meyjes at editor@avitalk.co.za  

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