Vision becomes reality

23 Feb

The above videoclip produced by the African Wildlife Foundation is an outstanding example of demonstrating how gorilla conservation organisations, working with local communities, have successfully helped to save the threatened mountain gorillas from extinction ( See 10 Jan Blog post ).

It is the vision of the Rare Finch Conservation Group  ( RFCG ) to help raise the awareness levels, both amongst local and international communities, of the rarity of the threatened Shelley’s crimsonwing finch. This elusive finch is currently classified by Birdlife International in the IUCN Red Data list as vunerable, but lack of data prohibits a more accurate classification .

Field research already conducted by the RFCG suggests that this finch is in dire straights and needs urgent attention. This particular finch is purportedly found in the same area as the threatened mountain gorillas in Africa. For more information about the RFCG please contact . The RFCG is registered as a non profit organisation and is totally reliant on donations and sponsorships for its future survival

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