International support to assist a truly pioneering finch conservation project is urgently needed

21 Feb

The Rare Finch Conservation Group ( RFCG ) constantly bangs it’s head up against far more glamourous and sexy conservation organisations such as polar bear , tiger and cheetah conservation groups  for sponsorship when it comes to funding support . In the world of birds, conservation programmes for some of the larger species such as the Cape Parrots , Ground Hornbill’s and Wattled Cranes etc. are often perceived to be more glamorous and attractive for wildlife conservation investors.

The RFCG will never be a sexy and high profile conservation organisation. Our work to date speaks for itself and every single member proudly and unselfishly contributes his or her particular skills on a voluntary basis . The RFCG was registered in 2005 as a non profit organisation and we are totally reliant on international funding and support for our  field work and future survival .

We hereby sincerely appeal to all bird clubs , societies and zoos etc. around the world to adopt and financially support our on going conservation work on trying to find one of Africa’s rarest finches, namely the Shelley’s crimson wing finch. We urgently need to establish why this particular species has become so inexplicably rare over the past few years.

ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL … ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL…  it is often said that some birds serve as important keystone species and early indicators to serious conservation issues. Is the rarity and elusiveness of the Shelley’s crimsonwing finch perhaps telling us something very important ?  

If you would like more information on this truly unique and pioneering conservation group then please contact Eelco Meyjes at :

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