Capturing the images at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is all important for RFCG

20 Feb

Doing filmwork during a light drizzle in the Bwindi tropical rainforest . Uganda

Capturing the magic moments for the  production of the Rare Finch Conservation Group’s ( RFCG’s ) fundraising DVD titled: Searching for Shelley’s finches amongst Africa’s Mountain Gorillas was the task that Eelco Meyjes had to do during the Phase 2 fieldwork programme, up at Bwindi Impentreble Forest in the south western part of Uganda .

Eelco Meyjes teaching Benson the basics of stills photography whilst filming the fundraising documentary

Teaching Benson Bamutura ,who is the RFCG field manager and who at the time had never used a camera , how to use a stills camera was critical for the project to succeed. Bensons monthly field reports require that he provides all the GPS readings of every single crimsonwing finch netted, as well as take photographs of all other birds netted . Benson is also asked to provide photographs of whatever he thinks maybe of interest to the RFCG management team, who are based in South Africa .

Benson growing in confidence using his Nikon coolpix digital camera

All the wonderful photographs of the various finches seen in last weeks RFCG blog post were taken by Benson. Not only is Benson an outstanding field manager for the RFCG , but he has rapidly developed an eye for detail and interesting observations that may interest our followers that have bugun to read our regular blog postings.

Below are two examples of  interesting billboards that were photographed by Benson Bamutura . The billboards are used along the borders of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to help raise awareness amongst local communities to the needs and benefits of gorilla conservation work .

Raising awareness to be health conscious

Raising awareness to the benefits of attracting tourists to gorilla trekking . Part of the permit sales are used to fund the construction of schools and clinics in the area

If you would like to support the Rare Finch Conservation Groups pioneering work then please contact the editor at for more information . The group was founded in 2005 and is registered as a non profit organisation

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