Famous UK artist supports RFCG with a special painting

18 Jan

A pair of Redfaced crimsonwings painted by Howard Robinson . These finches can be seen in the same areas as the elusive Shelley's crimsonwing

This is what Howard Robinson had to say in a recent e mail to the RFCG .” I have followed the RFCG since day one and have been only to happy to share my knowledge and images for the use of a dedicated group of people. I’m an artist and in a fortunate position to be able to travel widely studying and painting wildlife. I work as a commercial illustrator designing for all manner of products, many of which can be found in the gift shops of Zoo’s and Bird Gardens throughout the world. Having seriously studied and bred estrildids for some 30 years and wildlife in general being the main basis of my artwork it is only natural that birds feature prominently throughout my images. 

Howard Robinson photographed on a recent trip to Soweto in South Africa

In 2008 I was invited to give a presentation at the International Finch Convention in Brisbane and it was here that I met Glen Holland, also a speaker at the event. The idea of a specialist birding safari was hatched and in December 2010 I joined up with 15 other aviculturists in Durban for an expedition, lead by Glen, which was to prove the trip of a lifetime. Towards the end of the trip we finally got to meet up with a few of the members of the RFCG at Pretoria University and Eelco Meyjes kindly gave a presentation of the current status and aims of the group. The dedication and enthusiasm by all was clearly evident and so I happily agreed to produce an original painting of the Shelley’s Crimsonwing to be used for generating much needed funding for the research.

World's only known photograph of the Shelley's crimsonwing. Visual courtesy http://www.gorilla.org

Although very little is know about this bird and even less visual material to work from I feel I am in a privileged position as for some 10 years I closely studied and bred 2 of it’s very close relatives the Red Faced Crimsonwing and the Ethiopian Crimsonwing and so have some empathy as to how it may pose and behave.”

The Rare Finch Conservation Group is truly grateful for this wonderful donation, and we certainly look forward to posting the finished painting on our blog as soon as it is completed
For more information on Howard Robinson visit : www.howardrobinson.info

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