14 Jan

  As many of our Rare Finch Conservation Group ( RFCG ) supporters already know the elusive Shelley’s Crimsonwing finch is found in the same areas as the famous threatened Mountain Gorilla’s in Africa , but what a lot of our supporters don’t realise is how basic life can be in the villages surrounding the National Parks where the Mountain Gorilla’s can be seen . Near the end of our Phase two field research work the RFCG conducted work in the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. With phase three we plan to do more field work in the area .

A brilliant innovation to teach locals about the need for gorilla conservation was recently launched in the villages bordering the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park . Read more about this phenomenal story that first appeared on the Wildlifedirect website

Pedal-filmThe Gorilla Organization (GO) has launched an innovative environmental education project in the villages surrounding the Mgahinga National Park – one of only two parks that are home to the Mountain gorilla in Uganda.The project, the first pedal powered environmental film in Africa, shows environmental conservation films to schoolchildren and rural communities in the villages around the park – some of whom have never seen a film. The villagers and children take turns pedaling the two bikes that power the film equipment. It’s like watching Gorillas in the Mist while pedaling your exercise bike in the gym.This exciting project has undoubtedly seen mammoth following among the village children and adults. As many as 800 children attended one screening and in the first three weeks, “11,600 school children, 184 teachers, 110 soldiers and 46 park rangers, all living around the Ugandan gorilla habitats, have seen the films – wow!”, says Sam from the resource centre at the Gorilla OrganisationThis innovation was developed by “wonder technician” Colin Tonks and was brought to Uganda from the UK by Tonks in partnership with Great Apes Film Initiative (GAF). Tonks and GAF Director, Madeline Westwood, came to Uganda to set the project running.

Visit www.wildlifedirect.org Gorilla organisation post 29 Nov 2010 by Tuver Wundi for more information about this amazing story


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