RFCG launches its innovative international fundraising Ambassador programme

13 Dec

Glen Holland, director of Adelaide Zoo in Australia and author of the highly authoritative Encyclopedia of Aviculture, has just hosted a very successful seedeaters birding tour of South Africa .

Glen Holland tour guide leader of the seedeaters birding tour to South Africa

Starting in Durban, Glen and his son Kyle took 15 avid finch enthusiasts from Australia, New Zealand and England on a birding tour all the way through the Kruger National Park up to Polokwane, in the northern part of South Africa, and then down to Pretoria, ending 16 days later at the very impressive world class Monte Casino bird gardens in Johannesburg.

In Pretoria the group stopped over at the internationally renowned aviculturist and director of the RFCG Professor Ernst Kruger. The tour group were given a talk on the current status and activities of the Shelley’s crimsonwing research project. The group, now armed with the latest info and communication available on this pioneering conservation project, were all invited to become fundraising ambassadors for the RFCG back in their respective countries and bird clubs.

Eelco Meyjes ,director of the RFCG, giving a talk on the current status of the Shelley's crimsonwing project

The RFCG is currently raising funds to launch a Phase 3 field study project again up in Uganda to try and find out more about the elusive Shelley’s Crimsonwing finch. (Reports of sightings are starting to emerge as a result of the educational campaign in the area ,commenced at the end of the Phase 2 ). The plan is to conduct the research work ,in three high altitude game parks, in Uganda where the bird has purportedly been seen on previous occasions. The identified game parks are the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the very southern part of Uganda ( both parks are home to the threatened Mountain Gorrillas made famous by Diane Fossey ) and the Rwenzori Mountains National Park which is in the western part of Uganda.

Early in the new year the RFCG will post a complete list of its newly appointed fund raising ambassadors now based in Australia, New Zealand and England . Should you live in an area close to one of our Ambassadors they will be more than willing to give a presentation to you and your bird club

The RFCG fundraising Ambassadors ending their very successful seedeaters birding tour at the impressive Monte Casino Park Bird Gardens in Johannesburg

In the meantime we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your dedicated  support over the past year and we wish you and your families a pleasant festive season and a prosperous new year .

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