AFRICAN FINCHES by Fred Barnicoat

8 Nov

Wonderful birds come from all over the world, but surely no continent can equal Africa in the exotic colouring and variety of form in its finches.

They range from the tiny firefinches in rich and diverse reds, the cordon bleus in blue echoing the tints of even the brightest sky, and other waxbills in an infinite variety of colours.

Weavers with the wonders of their woven nests, the unrivalled brilliance of reds and yellows set against the black velvet of the bishops, to the widows and the whydahs of eclipse plumage, in nuptial summer dress alone, sporting their long flowing tails in lustrous black, but for the Fisher’s whyday with his trailing plumes in light yellow, rivaling some exotic firework

Fred Barnicoat is a retired Latin teacher . He is widely regarded as the Grand Master of South African aviculture . He has been an aviculturist since the age of six . He is a founder member of the Rare Finch Conservation Group and was the person who gave the group its name

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