Bird keeping – The 13 deadly sins

4 Nov

Here are the 13 deadly sins that many bird keepers commit (in no order of significance).  These sins will probably destroy the hobby in the medium term, once legislative changes and public pressure come into effect.

1. Collecting as many species and birds as possible

2. Striving for colour mutations and hybrids, thereby compromising the captive stock of true species

3. Lack of thorough research into the bird species in their care

4. Attempting to find a one-plan-fits-all strategy for all of their birds – ignoring the reality that specific species are hard-coded to their ecological niches and requirements

5. Buying wild-caught birds (as apposed to captive-bred birds) and thereby playing a major role in the driving of many species to extinction in the wild

6. Spending a fortune on birds but skimping on aviaries and nutrition

7. Refusing to share ‘secret’ nutritional and husbandry strategies with other bird keepers – thereby preventing meaningfull growth of a body of common knowledge

8. Competitive, jealous, neurotic behavior – particularly amongst breeders of expensive and rare species

9. Thinking that they can turn what is just a hobby into a business that can sustain them into retirement

10. Mistrust and dismissal of conservation authorities, local government and conservation NGOs, with consequent legal transgressions

11. Believing that passion and empathy for their own birds somehow translates into a meaningful contribution to the conservation of birds in the wild

12. Utilising morally and ethically questionable practices to maximise on breeding results, often at the expense of the health, well-being and dignity of the parent birds and progeny

13. Justifying all or some of the above via a leap of logic that somehow absolves them of accountability and legal/moral responsibility

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