Parallel breeding programmes. Can you help?

29 Oct

Captive male Red-faced Crimsonwing finch

The concept of doing parallel breeding programmes has often been used to try and unlock the breeding code of a near species, where virtually no information existed on a particular rare animal species ( e.g the work done on the Echo Parakeet from Mauritius to save this species from extinction  is a classic example of this approach ). Some years ago the RFCG embarked on such a programme using the Red Faced crimsonwing finch ( Cryptspiza reichenovii ) to try and find out more about the closely related elusive Shelley’s crimsonwing . The RFCG bought up all the available Red Faced Crimsonwings in SA ( See birds in show cage that were both sick and healthy ) and split the birds up amongst the various RFCG members .

All the available Red Faced crimsonwings in SA were sourced to start the parallel breeding programme

Multiple food types were offered to bring the birds back to good health and to obtain a better understanding of the birds dietry needs . It wasn’t long before the birds were in good health and ready to breed .

Captive Red Faced Crimsonwing finch

To date limited captive breeding success has been achieved by the members of the RFCG and very few of our members have managed to get past to the second and third generation breeding cycles . Any finch enthusiast who has experienced repeated breeding success with the Red Faced Crimsonwing finches is asked to please help the RFCG by sharing this valuable information.

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