PART II: Can you speak the language?

19 Oct

The Rare Finch Conservation Group (the RFCG) has received an overwhelmingly positive response from you, the readers of our official blog. Thank you! We are pleased to announce that both German and French writers have kindly offered to spread the word in their respective languages, alerting foreign readers about our fieldwork in Uganda to find the Shelley’s Crimsonwing Finch.

We are still looking for volunteers in other foreign speaking languages to assist us with our international awareness campaign. This might include:

  • Notifying us about the journals/magazines/publications/websites in your country which are focused on finch conservation, birdwatching, bird keeping and biodiversity within natural finch habitats.
  • You might then choose to write up a review in your mother tongue (French, German, Italian, Swiss, Spanish etc.) of the Rare Finch Conservation Group (RFCG) and our fieldwork in Uganda, searching for the Shelley’s Crimsonwing Finch.
  • We are trying to raise US$ 25 000 for phase three of our research and you might wish to appeal to the foreign finch community to donate financially or provide the RFCG with skills/knowledge (e.g. telemetry equipment, forest habitats).
  • Perhaps you have visited Uganda or other parts of central/eastern Africa and want to write a review of the tourism facilities there for passionate birdwatchers.

Anyone who believes they can make a contribution with their writing skills must please contact Eelco Meyjes at for more information. Let’s make this a truly international campaign for the well-being of finch conservation.

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